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Im glad I have a short shift today, bu also not glad bc I need so much money holy shit. I have to go to the bank today and do a transfer to the school ill be attending and it is everything in my checking account…

angstdad420 said: 71,76,81 :3

71. Can you curl your tongue?
- I can.
76. Regularly burn incense?
- not ‘regularly’ but I do enjoy burning incense a lot.
81. Tea or coffee?
- I’m a big tea drinker but I’m also a fan of a nice cup of black coffee and iced Americanos.

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I should have started this whole student visa process like in June??? but I didn’t???? and here we are, v stressed and hoping everything gets done in time (:


(by _mic4_)

we just bought my flight to France. I’ll have an hour layover in Amsterdam and in total my flight is only about 12 hours which is pretty cool. I’m so excited.

haha. I have to pay 1027€ for my pre registration to the language school I will be attending. haha ha ha

Too tired to work.


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