I am hungover.


euros are prettier than dollars €€€.

I am really, really reallly drunk. Like. Wooow

I skipped class today bc I wanted to sleep in… Also bc the lesson we were gonna have today gave me really bad anxiety…


Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want  // The Smiths

Good times for a change. See, the luck I've had, Can make a good man turn bad

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recalled pencils from a 90’s anti drug campaign

Tiffany ParbsPiece: etched, 2004

Leda and the Swan (Part IV), 1980 (#21) Cy Twombly

A little list of little accomplishments:
- trying my debit card at an atm after having it not work at an atm the previous day, this time it was successful!
- going to the bank to ask a question despite my language barrier
- bringing my laundry to the laundromat and getting my €10 exchanged for coins for the machines

These may seem so mundane and silly but little things like these are hard for me to do and when I finish them I feel so relieved to have it done and also proud bc my anxiety didn’t get the better of me.

ok, idk why I was so nervous, class was totally fine. I’m taking an intensive course but starting at beginner level and because of all my previous french studies ( which have not been a lot) This first day was a nice refresh and helped clarify some things I had wondered about the language before. Lessons are taught completely in french with the exception of a few words in english to help others understand. It’s quite exciting!